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Spreading Smiles

A note about gifts: I graciously appreciate any gifts you might want to bestow upon me. My philosophy is to give without expectation and only with the desire to make someone smile and feel good. So please keep in mind that any gifts are not in lieu of my consideration.

That said reciprocity is not out of the question. I enjoy buying gifts for long-term friends and put much care and thought into things that would suit them perfectly.

A Few Favorite OrganizationsGIVING BACK

While I love getting showered with pretty things, I am equally touched when donations are made to my favorite charities that are doing excellent, important work. Here are a few:

One Green Planet

Innocence Project

Nutrition Facts

The Pampered Muse

Peace & Lowe Love

As much as I love the life of luxury, I cannot rejoice in acquiring treats and trinkets on account of another’s misfortune. I aim to be a conscious consumer and seek sustainable and ethically sound adornments as much as possible. I am a "posh hippie" of sorts, hugging a tree in sustainable stilettos! As a means of balancing my desire to do right by our ecosystem, innocent animals, and my love of gear, gadgets, heels and lace-y things, I am a big fan of eco-luxury.


Click here for my wish list to purchase individual gifts directly to me:



You may contact my lovely assistant, Leslie, for the address (email or PO Box) to send gifts/ gift cards.

Some favorites are:

Investing (Stocks)

B&H (gear heaven)

Dress me up to the nines:




Airline Gift Card


The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental

Aire Ancient Baths


There's also the option of shopping together or virtually! Please inquire when you contact me.

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